The LookOut

December 2004

12-31--Top Stories of 2004
12-31--MUSIC: Westside Clubs ‘Feelin’ Alright’ About New Year’s Celebrations
12-30--Donations for Tsunami Victims Pour in to Local Agencies
12-30--LETTERS: Poetry Slam -- Returning the Favor
12-29--Local Law Firm Takes on Drug Giant

12-29--RE: "A Giving Tree, Regifted"

12-29--PUBLIC NOTICE: Greater Convenience to Permit Center Customers
12-28--A Giving Tree, Regifted: A True Christmas Tale
12-28--City Offers Christmas Tree Recycling
WHAT I SAY: Christmas For All

12-23--46 Local Sex Offenders Listed on New Site

12-21--Historic Mural Comes Home

12-21--Schmidt’s Death Due to Allergic Reaction

12-23--Spirit of Giving Sweeps Pico Neighborhood

12-22--New SMC Board Seated, Reorganizes Administration
12-22--Beware of Foreign Buyers on E-Bay, Police Warn
12-20--City Cautious Under Tight Federal Constraints
WHAT I SAY: Everyone into the Pool

EXTRA!!! Former Supt. Schmidt Dies
12-7--Civic Center "Village" Could Include Ownership Units, Taller Buildings

12-16--Annenberg Foundation Gives City $21 Million to Refurbish Beach Club

12-16--Council Tackles Pico Violence
12-16--LETTERS: Shriver's Celebrity Status a Fact  

12-15--O'Connor Returns as Mayor, Shriver to Be Future Mayor Pro Tem
12-15--Victim of Pigeon Drop Scammed for $4,000
12-14--Council to Consider Hiring Consultants to Speed Up Planning Process
12-14--LETTERS: Overdevelopment and "Headed for Trouble"
12-14--Homeless Man Arrested for Assault

12-13--Shriver Victory Gap Largest in 20 Years
12-13--WHAT I SAY: Matters of Height
12-10--Déjà vu All Over Again
12-10--Gay Man May Live with Partner, Housing Authority Says

12-9--Mountain Lion Kittens Doing Well but Face Uncertain Future

12-9--LETTERS: Victims and Oppressors
12-9--Six Stores Accused of Overcharging

12-8--Weller Pleads Not Guilty in Market Crash

12-8--Shriver Takes Seat on Council
12-8--LETTERS: Trivializing Shriver's Victory

12-7--College Board Appoints Donner as Temporary President, Holds off on Reorganization

12-7--LETTERS: An Alternate Proposal

12-7--LETTERS: Low-income Tower and Feinstein's Subculture
12-6--Nightclub Settlement Just Start of Legal Fight
12-6--WHAT I SAY: Developer Fatigue
12-6--HEALTH NEWS: Tower Saint John's Imaging Opens 
12-3--Goodbye, Esther
12-3--MUSIC: From Beethoven to Bebop to Bawdy Holiday Stories, Music on the Westside Gets into the Spirit of the Season

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