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Shriver's Celebrity Status a Fact

December 15, 2004

Dear Editor:

I’m sorry that Ms. Shamey misconstrued my comments as were reported in your paper. ("LETTERS: Trivializing Shriver's Victory," December 8)

It never occurred to me that referring to Bobby Shriver as a “celebrity” would diminish him any more than referring to Richard Bloom, Ken Genser and Herb Katz as “incumbents” would diminish them. Bobby is a celebrity. I am not the first person to observe that fact.

Our City Council race, and Bobby in particular, received national and possibly international publicity because Bobby was a part of it. I find it hard to believe that Ms. Shamey speaks for him in taking umbrage at that statement.

As a candidate, I had a front row seat to Bobby’s campaign. He worked very hard and had a well organized campaign. He had great mail, knocked on many doors and talked to countless organizations and members of the public. One of the things that virtually no one has commented on is that he also has a great sense of humor and was fun to be around.

There were four incumbents in the race and, of course, I knew that winning would require beating one of them. What Ms. Shamey apparently missed in assuming that I didn’t know that all four incumbents were running is that neither Bobby nor I were running against anybody.

We were both running to win seats. He was successful. I wasn’t. And yes, we both knew that a consequence of our winning would be that someone else wouldn’t win. But we both stayed positive and, as far as I know, neither of us was responsible for any of the attack mail that was put out during this campaign.

I have not felt any sour grapes at all. I lost the election but I found it a great opportunity to talk about the Santa Monica that I love and what it could and should be. I feel extremely grateful to the people of Santa Monica for making my campaign experience so good. I received contributions from hundreds of people and votes from thousands. I am proud of my accomplishments and will continue to work for the people and our community.

Patricia Hoffman

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