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Poetry Slam

Dear Editor,

Regarding Councilmember Richard Bloom's flippant treatment of what most Santa Monicans agree is a major City problem ("RE: 'A Giving Tree, Regifted,' December 29, 2004):

Returning the Favor

Every journalism school
Teaches this most useful rule
In choosing news to cover---
Remember: "Man bites dog."

Good reporters know to repeat
The extraordinary feat---
News that's really strange, not
The same old "City Hall slog."

So when the City acts responsively
And replaces quickly one dead tree,
It's big news, and Richard Bloom
Says, "City staff works for you!"

City staff works for whom?
Remember in the last election
The City workers' union
Supported Councilmember Bloom.

Julio Valenzuela
Santa Monica

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