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Low-income Tower and Feinstein's Subculture

December 6, 2004

Dear Editor,

Frank Gruber's article about the proposal to replace Santa Monica Place forgot to include photos of low income housing projects. ("WHAT I SAY: Tall Order," November 29, 2004)

Prop. R requires that 1/3 of all new multi family housing be set aside for low income residents. If 3 towers are built, one would have to be for low income rentals.

I suggest Mr. Gruber obtain photos of Cabrini Green in Chicago and include them in his next article about this proposal . Cabrini Green is the low income housing project the Chicago Housing Authority blew up a few years ago as the only way to end the drug, gang violence and shootings that were taking place there.

Everyone who has any interest in the proposal to build 3 high rise towers should do a search on the internet for Cabrini Green or Blackstone Rangers.

Mat Millen
Santa Monica

December 3, 2004

Dear Editor,

Mikey must have missed a few physics classes... and social studies, declaring wearing rollerblades or any skates a "lifestyle" and a subculture. ("Rollerblading Still a Crime on Promenade," November 24, 2004)

Well, I'm in the subculture of wearing sweatshirts and the lifestyle of walking in a very pedestrian area without having to "look in my rear view mirror to change lanes."

Part of the beauty of the Promenade is that you don't have to worry about someone passing inches away from you on a bike or skates. And no, Mike, just because there has not been a major lawsuit or injury does not mean your outlook is justified.

If it can happen it will. I would rather see the families walking at a nice relaxed pace, with young kids, who may decide without a meeting, to run across the Promenade and not worry that they are in the path of "superblade" who decides to pass the pedestrians and runs into one of the kids running across his or her path.

Feinstein's push to allow bladers on the promenade was laced with civil rights affronts that can only be laughed at...or not... classifying skaters as a "minority." Perhaps Mikey would like to pass a constitutional amendment. And... if he tries... who would be surprised.

Len LaBounty
Santa Monica

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