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March 2000

3-31--Tom-Foolery on April Fool's and a Pair of Songbirds at McCabe's
3-31--Appeals Court Upholds Block on ATM Surcharge Ban
3-30--Businesses Have Time to Remove Non-conforming Signs
3-30--RAND Spreads Wings but Reaffirms West Coast Roots

3-29--For Members Only: Jonathan Club Leaves Councilmen Out in Cold

3-29--Council Fires Volley in Living Wage War
3-29--Other Living Wage Stories
3-29--Council Approves Cheap Beach Parking Rates in Time for Summer
3-29--Council Approves Pico Business District
3-28--Council to Vote on Pico Business District
3-28--City Council to Consider Cheaper Beach Parking Rates
3-27--Businesses Launch Living Wage Offensive

3-27--Historical Society Awarded Funds to Preserve Visual History
3-27--Getting Cold Water Gear
3-27--LETTERS:The Lying Wage, A Ruthless Display of Power and Jerry's Pants
3-24--Cleaves Found Guilty of Road Rage Murder

3-24--Emotional Signs
3-24--Music Springs Eternal in Santa Monica
3-23--Lucky 21: Council Picks Final Signs
3-23--Gone With the Wind

3-23--Rubin Plans Run for Council
3-22--Appealing Signs

3-22--Palisades Park Renovation Wins Award
3-22--Letters: Kudos and the Living Wage
3-21--Exclusive Beach Club Fires Housekeepers and Dishwashers
3-20--SPECIAL REPORT: Living Wage Wrap-up
3-17--Businesses Submit Charter Amendment to Take Living Wage to the Voters
3-17--Board of Education Okays Oversight Committee
3-17--MUSIC:Plenty of Opportunities to Paint the Town Green
3-16--Business Group Set to File Living Wage Initiative
3-16--Pedestrian Struck by Pickup
3-16--Police Search for Beach Rapist
3-16--Weekend Pier Shooting May be Gang Related
3-16--St. Patrick's Day Picks
3-16--St. Patrick's Day Warning
3-15--Rent Board Ordered to Pay Attorney $20,000 in Fees

3-15--Annual Stairway of the Stars Shines On
3-15--Santa Monica Hospital Heroes Honored by Red Cross
3-14--Landlords Agree to Settlement in Harassment Case
3-13--Parents Organize to Reform School System
3-13--Shootout at the Pier
3-10--Clean Up SM's Drinking Water, EPA Tells 13 Oil Companies
3-10--Folk, Disco, Reggae and Blues -- Take Your Pick This Week in Santa Monica Clubs
3-9--Business as Usual Won't Work in the School District, Task Force Warns
3-9--CONFIDENTIAL:The Dirt Thickens
3-8--COUNCIL UPDATE: Council Extends Housing Moratorium to Explore Ways to Preserve Neighborhoods
3-8--Kuehl, Pavley Big Winners
3-8--Council Gives Final Go-ahead for Downtown Senior Building and Parking Structure

3-8--Santa Monica Appoints New Assistant City Manager

3-7--CONFIDENTIAL:Clearing the Dirt II
3-7--Council to Consider Stricter Guidelines for Condos
3-6--Students Take Stock of Trading
3-6-- CONFIDENTIAL: Clearing the Dirt

3-6--LETTERS:The Dirt, Music and Playing Dirty

3-3--School Board Hits Brick Wall On Financial Oversight Committee
3-3--Living Wage 101: Prof. Pollin Holds Class
3-2--Local Businesses Could Bring in Major San Francisco Consultants to Fight Living Wage
3-1--Council Okays Money, District Avert Cuts
3-1--Jet Roar Makes Life Unbearable, Residents Tell Airport Officials
2-29--Powerful Police Union Leader and Local Political Force Retires to Take State Post
2-29--Jailed Officer and Colleague She Shot Appeal Terminations
2-28--Malibu Considers Attaching Strings to School Grant

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