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11-1--WHAT I SAY: All Politics is (a) Local, (b) Not Local, (c) Important, (d) All of the Above
10-29--The College Bond and the College Board
10-28--The SMRR Challengers
10-28--The Independent Challengers
10-27--The Chamber Challengers

10-26--The Four Incumbents
10-25--They're Fighting City Hall

10-20--What, Me Worry?

10-18--Guide from the Perplexed
The Matrix

Back to All Politics is Local

9-6 --
The Big One

Real Clear Politics


City of Santa Monica
LA County clerk
Where do I Vote in LA

11-2--Santa Monica Set for Election; Higher Turnout Could Be Factor
11-2--Council Hopefuls Grab Shriver's Coattails in Race to Finish
11-1--Hope Reigns in Home Stretch
10-30--EXTRA!!! Feinstein Hit with "Trash" Mailer
10-29--Candidates, Interest Groups Reap Fruits of Fundraising
10-26--Independent Groups Push for Change at City Hall
10-25--EXCLUSIVE: Mysterious Mailers Toe Legal Line
10-19--Shriver, Katz Mailer Sparks Controversy

10-18--Who's the Most Independent? Candidates Spar for the Coveted Label 10-15--PTA Backs Local Ballot Measures
10-12--CEPS Gives Eight Council Candidates Passing Grades, Fails Feinstein
10-11--Pier Merchants Back Three Council Candidates
10-6--Shriver Leads Fundraising Race
10-6--CEPS Endorses Two Incumbents, Malibu Resident

10-5--School Board Candidates Lay Out Positions on Disenfranchised Students

10-5--Chamber Cancels Candidate Luncheon Over Campaign Concerns

10-4--Financial Issues Divide College Board Candidates
9-28--Team for Change Goes from Trio to Duo
9-27--Shriver Denies Rumors of Political Aspiration
9-24--City Workers Back Three Incumbents, Challenger

9-23--Opponents Question Tactics in College Bond Campaign
9-22--Council Candidates Pledge to Support School Funding

9-22--Assembly Incumbent Touches Base in Santa Monica

9-21--Candidates Tackle Jet Traffic
9-20--Police Officers Endorse Three SMRR Candidates, One Rival
9-20--Chamber Candidates Come Out Swinging

9-16--Firefighters Pick Three Incumbents, Shriver
9-15--Candidates Tackle Rent Issues, as SMRR Challengers Boycott Landlord Forum

9-15--Chamber Picks Slates
9-13--Field of Candidates Shrinks; Race Remains Heated
-8 -- SMRR Opponents Punch Campaigns into Overdrive, as Chamber Meets with Candidates
9-1--Local Greens Endorse Feinstein

8-27--Dems Spurn Shriver, Back SMRR Slate

8-26--SMRR's Campaign Donations Lag
8-24--CEPS Considering Candidate Endorsements
8-23--Battle Begins Over College Bond

8-18--Field Set for College School Board Races

8-17--Lengthy Slate of Council Candidates Qualifies

8-17--Field Set for College School Board Races
8-11--Field of Council Hopefuls Narrows
8-10--Council Slate Goes on Offensive

8-6--College Trustees Approve Scaled-Back Bond Measure, Eliminate Some City Projects
8-6--"Governator's" Brother In Law Seeking Council Seat

8-5--Council to Ask Voters to Increase Hotel Bed Tax

8-5--College to Reconsider Reduced "Partnership" Bond at Special Meeting Friday
8-4--College Trustees Reject "Partnership" Bond Measure
8-3--SMRR Endorsements and Presidential Politics

8-3--Renters Group's Endorsements Give Newcomers Edge Over Incumbents

8-2--SMRR Hands Out Coveted Endorsements; Passes Over Longtime Council Incumbent

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