Santa Monica Invites Visitors to Make Their Summertime Experience Unforgettable with Specials, Free Events and Insider Tips

With summer officially upon us, Santa Monica invites you to enjoy our front yard – the beach - with a wide range of summer specials, hotel packages, and free activities and events. From hotels that offer beachfront yoga and field trips to the farmers market with their chef, to Summer Sunday BBQs and free concerts on our world famous Pier, Santa Monica is quintessential California during summertime. For those looking for Summer deals and free things to do this summer in Santa Monica, please visit

Whether already coming to Santa Monica or thinking about planning a trip to California, below are some additional tips, resources and things to keep in mind while enjoying Los Angeles’ central beach city:

•    Summer fun in the sun: Don’t forget sunscreen! With an average of 343 days of sunshine per year, the summer sun is enjoyable but can be intense. Whether laying out in the sun, bike riding, or sitting on a patio enjoying brunch, always apply sunscreen multiple times a day.

•    Location, location, location: Santa Monica’s proximity to LAX makes it the perfect place to base a Southern California vacation. Visitors can avoid the freeways and get to LAX with less hassle than from other locations that require a freeway-based commute. Insider tip: The Big Blue Bus Rapid 3 is only 75 cents and runs from LAX directly into Santa Monica.

•    Walk it, see it, love it: Santa Monica is known for being a walkable city. Within roughly eight miles, visitors can easily take a few days and enjoy Santa Monica’s historical surroundings, intriguing attractions, offbeat treasures, shops and more, and never drive their car once they arrive. Visitors can also rent bikes, segways, roller blades, scooters, etc. or get around via the famous Big Blue Bus, which takes passengers throughout Santa Monica, as well as the rest of Los Angeles.

•    Celebrate 100 years: September 9, 2009 marks the 100th anniversary of the West Coast’s last standing pleasure pier, The Santa Monica Pier. With free celebratory events and concerts happening all summer long to commemorate this occasion, visitors can experience the magic of the historic and iconic Pier during this great milestone. Insider tip: Bike over to the Pier and the bike valet will park your bike free of charge.

•    Happy wining and dining: When the sun goes down, visitors can quench their thirst and appetite at one of Santa Monica’s 50 restaurants offering happy hour specials. From drink discounts to $5 appetizers, it's the perfect way to explore Santa Monica's flavor palate with prices worth toasting to. For a list of Happy Hour times and locations, please visit

•    Just park it: If visitors choose to drive into Santa Monica, they can plan ahead by checking real time parking availability online at the various structures and parking lots. Visitors can make the most of their time in Santa Monica by parking once and walking or taking the Tide Ride (only 50 cents!) to Santa Monica’s various shopping districts and attractions. Insider tip: The Civic Center parking structure is one of Santa Monica’s well-kept secrets that is close to Third Street Promenade, Main Street and the beach.

•    Beach party!: Take a day to visit the newly reconstructed Annenberg Community Beach House, which blends its original 1920’s historical architecture with present amenities. Originally owned by Marion Davies and constructed with the help of her companion William Hearst, the beach house is open to the public and offers beach butler service, a swimming pool, beach volleyball courts, gear rental and more. Insider tip: Parking is limited at the Beach House - why not rent a bike at the Santa Monica Pier and catch some rays on the way? It’s a beautiful and refreshing 15-minute ride North to the Beach House.

•    Breathe Easier: Given its well-earned reputation for supporting sustainability and healthy lifestyles, it should come as no surprise that Santa Monica has joined the growing ranks of cities, including Las Vegas, Berkeley and Hong Kong, in enacting new smoking laws to protect residents and visitors from secondhand smoke. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of any public entryway. There are, however, designated smoking areas throughout Santa Monica and if a visitor has trouble finding a smoking location, it is advised that he/she ask a local store or restaurant. For more information please visit

•    Don’t trash Santa Monica: As part of its effort to remain a clean and unpolluted city, Santa Monica’s beaches have trash valets to pick up trash from beach-goers and frequently empty trashcans to prevent overfilling.

With something for everyone, Santa Monica is the perfect central destination for those looking to experience the Southern California lifestyle. For more information and tips for an enjoyable, stress-free and safe summer getaway, please visit

About Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau
Santa Monica Convention & Visitors Bureau (SMCVB) is a non-profit organization designed to increase visitor expenditures, tourism revenues and local employment opportunities through the promotion of Santa Monica as a travel destination. For travel and accommodation information or a free copy of the Official Visitors Guide, the public can write to the Santa Monica Visitor Center, 1920 Main Street Suite B, Santa Monica, CA 90405; call (800) 544-5319 or (310) 393-7593.
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