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November 2008

11-28-2008--LA Officials Derail Plan to Bus Homeless to Winter Shelters
11-28-2008--Council Tackles Exercise Problem
11-28-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- School District Financial Oversight Committee Accepting Applications
11-25-2008--City Explores Regulating Cab Service
11-25-2008--Republican Landlord Could Make History

11-19-2008--Santa Monica “Digital Cities Survey” Winner
11-18-2008--WHAT I SAY -- Alternate Realities?
11-17-2008--A Seasonal Twist on Ice

11-17-2008--Putting a Face on Santa Monica

11-13-2008--Residents Urge City to Keep Fighting FAA

11-13-2008--Police Get Grant to Fight DUI

11-13-2008--PUBLIC NOTICE -- Budget Cycle for FY09-10 Begins

11-13-2008--Police Arrest Suspected Serial Burglars

11-12-2008--Council Files Away Fee Controversy

11-12-2008--City to Swap Beachfront Property for More Affordable Housing

11-11-2008--ICE Returns

11-11-2008--City, FAA to Try to Settle Suit

11-11-2008--Colorful Owner of Chez Jay Dies

11-11-2008--"Ice at Santa Monica” Returns for 2nd Year
11-7-2008--Police Search for Burglary Suspects
11-7-2008--Mall Takes Another Transformative Step

11-7-2008--OPINION -- Show You're Not Sold Out  
11-6-2008--Another Clean Sweep for SMRR

11-6-2008--Measures AA and SM Win

11-6-2008--WHAT I SAY -- My Wasted Youth

11-5-2008--Four Council Incumbents Sweep to Victory 
11-5-2008--Prop T Goes Down
11-5-2008--Check the Local Election Results
11-5-2008--OPINION: Leaders React to Prop T Vote
11-4-2008--OPINION -- Taxes and Regulation and Dreams of State
11-4-2008--Socialism Under Barack Obama, President and Messiah

11-4-2008--LETTERS -- Political Pressure and Trust Elected Officials
11-4-2008--MORE LETTERS -- Smoke Out Rent Board
11-3-2008--Incumbent Santa Monica Man Charged with Murder
11-3--2008--WHAT I SAY --
Who are the "powers-that-be?"

11-3-2008--LETTERS -- Truth and Accuracy about Proposition T


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