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Fire Bombing Suspect Was City Council Hopeful

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By Jorge Casuso

January 24, 2020 -- Korie Schmidt -- the suspect charged in connection with a series of fire bombings in Santa Monica -- applied for a City Council seat last January citing his "unconventional thoughts" and the possibility of "burnout."

Schmidt was charged by the LA County District Attorney Wednesday with possession of a destructive device with the intent to destroy property after reportedly tossing Molotov cocktails from his car ("Charges Filed Against Suspected Fire Bomber," January 23, 2020.)

On his January 15, 2029 application for the vacant Council seat eventually filled by Ana Jara, Schmidt -- who sits on the West Los Angeles Sawtelle Neighborhood Council (WLASNC) -- included several warning signs.

"I am creative," Schmidt wrote under Personal Qualities. "My solutions and thoughts are unconventional. Take a look at my portfolio. I built a 5 (7ft ext) x 16 x 35 half pipe from a compass, a ruler, and a calculator.

"I am known to some as 'Sir Innovate,'" he wrote. "Time management is everything. So is the ability to say no.

"Burnout is inevitable, you just have to know when, and how, to catch it and treat it before it's reached overwhelm."

According to Court records, Schmidt has had no previous run-ins with the law.

Schmidt has lived in Santa Monica since 2001, when he was in seventh grade, according to his application.

During Middle School, he and his friends "used to hang out under the dinosaurs on the promenade," he wrote, "back when there were tons of aggressive bums, the random hare krishnas and all the punks."

"I remember the gangs. I remember when the road fell out from under and cars fell into that sinkhole and they had to rebuild the whole road," he wrote, apparently referring to a large sinkhole in Ocean Park in 2002.

"It was just a regular city."

Schmidt's City Council application identifies his occupation as Editor/Creater of Schmidty Investments in Los Angeles and cites his involvement in efforts to tackle homelessness and the affordable housing crisis.

According to the WLASNC's website, Schmidt was elected to a two-year term ending in 2021. He serves as the Council secretary and sits on the Bylaws, Joint Planning and Land Use Management and Homeless committees.

Under Community Activities in his City Council application, Schmidt cites "solving transient to homelessness cycle" and "solving the unaffordable housing problem."

He also cites "transforming the justice and correctional system, attacking the roots -- psychological predispositions to break rules vs making things legal."

"I just want to help," he wrote as his vision statement. "I think Santa Monica is a city of thought-leadership, and is a testing ground for new theory and ideas.

"I think we should rejoice in what we have, and strive to continue to push for liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness."

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