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Punk Duo No Age to Pound the Santa Monica Pier

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By Jorge Casuso

July 25, 2013 -- LA-based punk duo No Age -- whose noisy-but-hummable experimental rock has gained a large underground following – will take center stage Thursday night at the Twilight Concert Series on the Santa Monica Pier.

Consisting of guitarist Randy Randall and drummer and vocalist Dean Allen Spunt, the duo took its name from the landmark 1987 compilation “No Age,” featuring such landmark punk acts as Black Flag, Blind Idiot God, Henry Kaiser and Pell Mell.

The band’s churning, loud, compressed songs have what critics have called a “low-tech immensity” despite their brevity – many lasting no more than a couple of minutes.

“The songs have thumping heartbeats,” Pitchfork wrote in a 2007 review. “Each and every one. All the jangling feedback loops and cymbal submersions in the world can't hide that.

“Their oft-chanted hooks are out-of-phase, the approach sloppy and spastic,” Pitchfork wrote. “At the same time, these songs come off soporific, restful, and totally in control. Nothing grates. It all feels soft and up-close.”

The duo, which was signed by the prominent Seattle-based independent label Sub Pop in 2008, is known for its relentless touring and penchant for unusual venues –once playing an Ethiopian restaurant in Philadelphia.

No Age is also closely allied to the LA arts scene, producing soundtracks for video art and multi-media installations and producing their own zine.

The show opens with Southern California garage rockers the Tijuana Panthers.

The Thursday night concerts will be emceed by DJs from 89.9 FM KCRW, the media partner for the Twilight Concert Series.

Concertgoers are encouraged to take the Big Blue Bus. Parking will be available in the lot north of the pier at 1550 Pacific Coast Highway, however parking on the Santa Monica Pier deck will be closed.

The City of Santa Monica will provide a free bike valet, stationed on the beach next to the bicycle path on the south side of the pier.

More information about the Twilight Concert Series can be found at

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