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Santa Monica Planning Commission Gets Final Go At Bergamot Area Plan

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By Jason Islas
Staff Writer

July 10, 2013 -- While most of Santa Monica's attention is on height limits in the Downtown Specific Plan this week, the Planning Commission will get busy refining the city's other plan.

The Planning Commission Wednesday will decide whether to recommend adoption by the City Council of the final draft of Santa Monica's 230-page Bergamot Area Plan, the document that will prescribe design standards that planners hope will transform the former industrial heart of the bayside city into a pedestrian-friendly, transit-oriented mixed-use art district.

Wednesday's meeting will be the penultimate step for the plan, several years in the making, which would regulate growth in one of two areas of the city identified for development by the Land Use and Circulation Element.

“Since the release of the Draft Bergamot Area Plan in February 2013, the plan has been presented and staff has listened to feedback, comments and questions from neighborhood groups and individuals, business organizations, trade professionals and eight of the City’s Boards and Commissions,” staff wrote in its report to the Commission.

“The Final Bergamot Plan reflects much of this input,” staff wrote.

During the months of community input, residents and commissioners ran the gamut of concerns from density, affordable housing, bike and pedestrian infrastructure and traffic mitigation.

The Commission wanted to make sure that there would be enough workforce housing in the area and that it would be affordable -- and spacious -- enough to accommodate families.

The 142.5-acre Bergamot Area is home to two significant mixed-use residential projects -- the East Village project at the site of the Village Trailer Park and the Bergamot Transit Village -- that are currently in planning limbo.

Encouraging workforce housing is just one way the Commission hopes to cut back on traffic, since the the Plan anticipates growing the number of jobs in the area well above the currently 5,889 jobs.

Part of that hopes rests with the Expo Light Rail which will make its first stop at Santa Monica's Bergamot Station in 2016, connecting the Bergamot Area to Downtown Los Angeles and Culver City.

But the Plan also includes “10 new streets and 15 new pedestrian and bicycle pathways that break down large blocks,” officials said.

It also includes “over 30 Transportation Demand Management (TDM) measures and requirements to mitigate traffic and congestion citywide,” staff said.

The draft Plan went before the Council in March where it received a generally warm reception. Since then, it has undergone its State-mandated environmental impact report (EIR) and revisions in response to community input.

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