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L.A. Bomb Squad Detonates Antique Grenade in Santa Monica


By Lookout Staff

September 18, 2012 -- The Los Angeles Police Bomb Disposal Unit exploded an antique grenade in Santa Monica's Sunset Park neighborhood Sunday.

The “pineapple” grenade was found in a garage on the 2400 block of 20th Street where a recently-deceased war veteran had stored his personal effects.

The L.A. Bomb Disposal Unit “rendered the device safe,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis, the police department spokesman, meaning that they blew it up.

“It was a small explosion,” said Lewis.

The late veteran, Lewis said, was in his 80s, but he could not specify which war the man was involved in.

However, the grenade -- an Mk II defensive hand grenade -- found in the garage was a model that had been used by U.S. Armed Forces as far back as the First World War and as late as the Vietnam War.

They were phased out in the 1960s in favor of the M26 fragmentation grenade, nicknamed the “lemon” grenade.

The grenade was found by the manager of the apartment complex where the veteran lived while she was cleaning out the veteran's rented garage, authorities said.

“The elderly resident was a veteran and had used the garage to store his personal items as well as souvenirs and memorabilia from his military service,” authorities said.

It was in a box among “keepsakes” that included the late veteran's military uniform, Lewis said.

Once the police arrived on the scene, they examined the box and saw the grenade as well as military flares.

“A small group of residents who lived adjacent to the garage were asked to evacuate for a short time,” authorities said.

“No damage or injury resulted from this incident,” authorities said.

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