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Santa Monica Historical Society Gets New Board  

By Ann K. Williams
Staff Writer

January 12, 2011 -- The Santa Monica Historical Society got a brand new board of directors to go with its spiffy new digs at the downtown library, The Lookout learned this week.

“We had a goal to get a permanent home. We got the permanent home,” museum President and CEO Louise Gabriel said Monday. “They can't go on forever.

“We've reached the goal of the old board,” she added.

In December Gabriel sent board members “a nice letter” thanking them for their services and telling them their terms would end on December 31.

The board had stayed on for seven years, longer than the two terms of two years each the society's rules call for, Gabriel said.

What with architects plans, construction and a difficult move on the society's plate, Gabriel said it “didn't seem like a good time to change the board of directors” until after the new museum opened.

The new board selected by Gabriel will be led by Eddie Guerboian, a local jeweler and former Chair of the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce.

“We've got a lot of work ahead of us,” Gabriel said. “We're doing ten times more than possible with the staff we have.”

Monthly expenses for the new museum run about $13,000, she said. Fundraising will be a top priority.

The museum rents its space from the library for $1 a year.

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“They can't go on forever... We've reached the goal of the old board.” Louise Gabriel

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