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Additional Donations Received for Pier Concert Series  

By Lookout Staff

March 18, 2010 --Two significant donations and several smaller contributions this week have helped the Pier Restoration Corporation to shrink the budget gap for its summer concert series. But another $29,000 is needed by next Wednesday to put the Twilight Dance Series at full funding.

Following last week’s commitment by the City Council of $35,000, the Pier Restoration Corporation (PRC) received $20,000 from Pacific Park and $5,000 from Naked Juice. Individual donations totaled $3,000.

“We have one week to raise at least another $29,000 from citizens and businesses and then Santa Monica can celebrate with a minimum of seven great free concerts this summer,” said Kent Smith, Chair of the PRC Board. “We hope that the generosity of so many individuals, Pacific Park and Naked Juice will encourage others to step forward and support this important community event.”


The PRC Board has a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, at which time it will determine what its options are for the concert series. An 80 percent drop in sponsorship revenues and the cost of last year’s pier centennial celebration are blamed for the deficit facing this summer’s program.

There is a proposal on the table from CBS Radio to host a concert series, but City officials and others say that would be an event featuring music to appeal to the masses, and lack the international, eclectic flavor this series has had during its 26-year run. See story of March 16, 2010 -- Council Gives $35K to Concert Series.html

Those wishing to donate to the program can go to


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