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Council Gives $35K to Threatened Summer Concert Series  

By Jonathan Friedman
Lookout Staff

March 16, 2010 --With hope that it will inspire further donations and sponsorships, the City Council on Tuesday voted to put $35,000 toward the Twilight Dance Series, which is facing a $92,000 shortfall.

Kent Smith, chair of the Pier Restoration Corporation Board, told the council that the Board will have a meeting on March 24 to determine if sufficient funding exists to continue the summer concerts in their traditional format.

If there is not enough money, Smith said, “We will explore other ways to hold free concerts on the pier this summer.”
One option is a proposal from CBS Radio for a nine-concert series. Ellen Brennan, promoted this concept in a letter titled “Twilight Dance Series is NOT in Jeopardy”,(March, 8_2010.)

Brennan did not attend Tuesday’s meeting, but local activist Jerry Rubin raised the issues from her letter to the council.

“It would benefit us,” Rubin said. “Sure, it would benefit the radio station, but it doesn’t cost us anything. So I’m saying, why isn’t that being looked at more?”

Council member Richard Bloom, who placed the item on the council agenda, said an event put on by CBS would be “significantly different from what the experience is now.”


“Radio stations are going to want to promote the latest performers out there, different kinds of performers, people who will benefit them and the work that they do in radio,” Bloom said.

“That’s different from what our community expects, and I think it’s important for us as a council to make a statement about what this concert series means.”

Bloom added that the CBS proposal has not been finalized, and by not putting money toward saving the community concert series, there is a risk there will be no program at all.

Council member Kevin McKeown, who had a career as a radio manager, said a concert series put on by a radio company would bring acts with “mass appeal.” He said this would be different than what the series currently offers, what he called “an exceptional eclectic musical exploration.”

Donations can be made to the Twilight Dance Series at



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