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Deadline Approaches on LUCE Comments  

By Lookout Staff

March 5, 2010 -- Those wanting to comment on the draft Environmental Impact Report for the City’s Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE) update have until 5:30 p.m. on Monday to do so.

Responses to comments and questions will be included in the final EIR, which will be presented to the City Council for certification in the spring.

The LUCE is a document that will be included in Santa Monica’s Genera Plan and sets the vision for land use and traffic planning for the next two decades.

It promotes sustainability and limited development. But the document also paves the way for expansion on Santa Monica’s eastside as long as the projects provide appropriate “public benefits.”


There are currently six major projects totally nearly 2 million square feet in the planning pipeline for Santa Monica’s Light Manufacturing and Studio District, which is located on the eastside of the city.

The LUCE was last updated in 1984. The current process has been a long and tiring one. Since it was launched in 2004, various stakeholders have differed on what should be included in the document.

There have already been some Planning Commission and City Council workshops on the LUCE since the draft version of the document was released in December.

Full hearings will take place in the spring, with the City Council tasked to approve a final version of the LUCE.

The LUCE and its draft EIR can be accessed at Comments on the draft EIR must be made in writing.


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