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Ramps, Sewers and Jail Transit on Santa Monica Council Agenda

By Lookout Staff

June 22, 2009 – The Santa Monica City Council Tuesday night will vote on consent whether to allocate more than $1.5 million for half a dozen projects – from publishing legal notices to transporting prisoners to the Airport Courthouse.

The biggest price items on the agenda are contracts for $540,000 and $380,000 for design services to replace and upgrade wastewater mains at 54 locations across the 8.3-square-mile city, according to a report from staff.

The proposed project would put the finishing touches on repairs to Santa Monica’s sewer system in the wake of the 1994 Northridge Earthquake that were completed in 2004.

The repair program improves the existing sewer pipelines at various locations “to ensure adequate and reliable services to customers,” staff said.

Another $430,000 is earmarked for design services to improve safety at the 100-year-old pier by making structural upgrades and building an emergency gangway.

The structural upgrades will replace a “structurally deficient section” of the pier so that it can handle heavy emergency vehicles, according to staff.

The emergency gangway will provide an evacuation route to the west in the event of a fire or other emergency, staff said.

Tuesday’s consent calendar also includes a $120,061 contract with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department to continue to transport prisoners to the Airport Branch of the Superior Court of California.

Under the contract, the Sheriff Department’s personnel “makes one pick-up at SMPD on each court date and transports both male and female pre-arraignment misdemeanants, felons, and Santa Monica warrant arrestees to the Airport Branch Courthouse,” staff said.

“SMPD’s personnel provide security for the loading of the LASD’s van, and are responsible for the custody of all arrestees until they are physically on the van,” staff said.

The council also will be asked to approve about $60,000 to publish legal notices in the Santa Monica Daily Press during the upcoming fiscal year.

In other consent items, the council will take the initial steps allowing Southern California Edison to construct and maintain new electrical and gas facilities for the Mountain View Mobile Home Park at 1930 Stewart Street.

In addition, the council will vote to revise the City-wide Records Retention Schedule and boost funding by some $25,000 to provide historic resources analysis for the City Planning Division.




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