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Santa Monica GLOWS for a Night

Photos and text by Clifford Williams

On Saturday night and Sunday morning glowing art works made wandering the beaches around the Santa Monica Pier and strolling Palisades Park an enchanting experience

The medium is the message: Glow sign glows at pier.

The pier’s new ferris wheel shows off its new lights

A crowd gathers on the beach

Energetic dancers spin lights, forming quickly changing patterns to a pulsing bass beat. Dancers gather round adding energy to the space.

KCRW disc jockey

Under the pier, a scene from a transdimensional light universe is portrayed using plastic and light. The suspended sculptures swirl and swivel to reveal intricate details as people file past.

A dome of water vapor is projected into the outdoors. People migrate to form a circle, watching morphing lights tell an arcane tale. As the colors and patterns change, so does the collective emotion; breaths and heartbeats align to a common ground.





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