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2008 Municipal Election

On November 4 Santa Monica voters will elect

Four members to the City Council,
Three members to the College Board,
Four members to the School Board,
Two members to the Rent Control Board

In addition, they will vote on three ballot measures.

PROPOSITION " T ": Shall the City’s General Plan be amended through 2023 to establish a City-wide annual limit on commercial development of 75,000 square feet, which: would apply to the types of projects that required City Council or Planning Commission approval on 1/16/08; would not apply to specified uses such as residential, parking, hospitals, schools, care and government facilities; and would allow for borrowing from future years if the five-year average stays within the limit? 
PROPOSITION " SM ": Shall an ordinance be adopted to continue and update Santa Monica’s Utilities Tax on telecommunication services to fund City activities including police, fire, paramedic and emergency services, school and afterschool programs, gang and drug prevention programs, parks and recreation programs, environmental protection and other general fund services, with tax-exemptions for low-income seniors and disabled residents, with provisions ensuring equal treatment of taxpayers regardless of technology used, and with expenditures subject to independent annual audits?”  
PROPOSITION " AA ": SANTA MONICA COLLEGE CAREER AND EDUCATIONAL IMPROVEMENTS. To improve job and career training, provide for modernization and safety, and increase educational opportunities, shall Santa Monica Community College District issue $295 million in bonds at legal rates to improve student teaching/career training in science, nursing, technology, media, and emerging high-tech fields; construct/equip/modernize math and science laboratories; replace deteriorating buildings; upgrade fire, seismic safety; achieve energy savings; with citizens' oversight, annual performance/financial audits, with no funds for administration?
City TV - City TV ill be making its election programming available with prime time airings on cable channel 16, 24/7 airings on cable channel 75, video-on-demand on Time Warner Cable, and on its election website

Ted Winterer for Santa Monica City Council

Dr. Margaret


Vote # 158


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