Who Are the City's Major Employers? (Hint: Think Non-Profit) Click Here to Find Out

By Lookout Staff

Last week, we dug through the hefty staff report for the city's $53 million RAND purchase and brought you a list of the city's biggest landlords. As promised, here is a list of Santa Monica's major employers. The top ten account for a total of 11,027 jobs, or 16.5 percent of the city's 66,763 jobs.

1. City of Santa Monica with 1,650 employees.
2. Santa Monica College with 1,595 employees.
3. Saint John's Hospital Medical Center with 1,542 employees.
4. Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District with 1,300 employees.
5. Santa Monica-UCLA Medical Center with 1,000 employees.
6. Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Inc. with 989 employees.
7. The RAND Corporation with 964 employees.
8. Lear Astronics Corporation with 686 employees.
9. The Gillette Company Stationary with 682 employees
10. Specialty Laboratories, Inc. with 619 empoyees.