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Santa Monica Place's New Parking System Needs Tweaking

January 25, 2011

Dear Editor

Interesting article on the parking system at Santa Monica Place ("Cartopia at Santa Monica Place," January 21, 2011) . I was there twice and the system did not appear to work.

The lights showed red when there were spaces and they showed green when there weren't-- not in all cases, but at least in the few rows I drove down. Also, the system could not find my car by its license plate. I tried that each time I was there.

Seems to me that the system would be better if all the lights were off unless a space was available. A green light would indicate a space. That's all we need. The red lights really do nothing. Look for the green. So easy.

Also, when you drive into the structure, they show "200 spaces on level 1, 300 on level 2" etc. But, they don't tell you which level you are on! When you come in from Colorado, you drive up a ramp. Does that put you on the second level? Or is that the first level? A little more info would help.

Anyway, I wonder how the system worked for other readers.

Christian Boyce

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