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How to Increase Public Safety Downtown

June 6, 2024

Dear Editor,

The City Council wants to add four more police officers by downgrading the public's way of life ("Council Adds 4 Officers to Proposed Budget," May 31, 2024).

So, tell me, if someone trips on a sidewalk that wasn't maintained by the City properly it's okay to sue the City and collect.

On top of that, the city council wants to create an exploratory committee to see if they can raise the pay for the position of Council members current and future ("Council Could Explore Asking Voters for a Raise," May 30, 2024).

Here's the solution to the city council's problem: Start by taking the $10 million dollars Downtown Santa Monica, Inc. (DTSM) gets a year for "beautification" and other nonsense, fire the useless Legion and Good Guard security companies and replace them with tandem foot patrol police officers on the Promenade.

That way they get to know the businesses, their employees and the people that shop or break the law in those establishments.

Foot patrols are necessary in this city to maintain law and order.

History lesson: Back in the 20's and 30's doughnut shops were easy targets for robberies. Police officers would do random checks and perhaps get a doughnut or two and a cup of coffee.

The crimes fell by 90 percent. This is the story of police officers and doughnuts.

Speaking of doughnuts, the Salvation Army Doughnut Day was held recently with Mayor Phil Brock participating in the doughnut eating contest. How appropriate is the term, "Let them eat cake," when Bastille day is right around the corner on July 14.

While the city crumbles, Brock has to fly to Sacramento to attend a crime conference to figure what is going on with our city. I doubt if he could find his derriere with a road map and a GPS unit.

Whitney Bain
Santa Monica

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