CEPS is An Unapologetic Lobby for Incumbents

September 14, 2022

Dear Editor,

In his letter “School District Leaders Deserve Praise, Not Criticism,” CEPS co-chair Ted Winterer writes:

“I think we need to acknowledge that Superintendent Drati, his staff and the Board of Education have done a fine job during trying times of addressing the pandemic crisis while creating a curriculum and facilities for a 21st century public education which is among the best in LA County. They deserve the continued support of the voters of Malibu and Santa Monica.”

Considering that Superintendent Drati, most of the Board of Education and Ted Winterer’s CEPS all came out to unanimously slander Malibu’s desire to separate based on years of documented negligence and inequitable treatment, it takes a lot of nerve expecting the “voters of Malibu” to take seriously Ted's call for their “continued support.”

Then there’s his defense of the district’s shady construction projects: “Stop a student leaving Samohi and ask if they prefer classes in the new Innovation and Discovery Buildings over those in the cramped, airless rooms in the older Language Building…"

Curiously, Ted doesn’t say, “Stop a student leaving SMASH/Muir and ask how they feel about being driven off their mold-infested campus because the district prioritized other projects even when it knew the mold was a problem.”

Then again. . . CEPS is a longstanding front for the district’s irresponsible finances and an unapologetic lobby for the incumbents. So parents can safely dismiss anything Ted Winterer says as anti-parent, pro-politician agitprop. He’s looking out for CEPS. Not kids.

Wade Major

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