Rent Board Members' Proposed Rent Freeze Outrageous

June 23, 2022

Dear Editor,

It is my duty as a former Rent Board Commissioner to reply to my old adversary SMRR and their new clones Caroline Torosis and Anastasia Foster.

Their letter to the editor is directly out of the Marx and Lenin playbook and the most outrageous reason I've seen to freeze rents in Santa Monica ("OPINION -- Protecting Our Community Amid Record Inflation," June 21, 2022).

It's not enough that Santa Monica owners have no rights, or that the City's Rent Board is the most corrupt and biased organization in the state of California. Rent control's corruption and bias has permeated every municipal department in Santa Monica.

I point my finger directly at rent control and it's Communist belief system as the direct cause of crime, of the endless and expanding homeless problem and the unnatural hostilities between the supply and demand sides of the housing equation.

The Rent Board has a $7 million dollar budget and growing that provides absolutely no services. My opponents' letter and the policy it promotes is treasonous.

Criminal charges should be brought against the Rent Board and the two board members who came up with the letter. At what point will Santa Monica voters wake up and stand up for their God given natural rights?

Being a slave of the state is a mighty price to pay for free stuff and reduced rent.

Robert Kronovet
2008 - 2012 Santa Monica Rent Commissioner

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