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All About de la Torre

December 19, 2020

Dear Editor,

That Oscar de la Torre decided to make the School Board meeting and his claim to retaining his seat on the Board all about himself -- including a raw and juvenile display of attempted political power by demanding that he designate his successor -- should hardly be surprising.

With de la Torre, it has always been about de la Torre, nothing but a political actor posing as community leader.

Over more than 20 years, he has continuously utilized identity politics and the City’s youth as bludgeons to further his personal interests as opposed to actually attempting to build bridges necessary to ensure that our City is inclusive for all residents.

What we see here is very likely a preview of what can be expected over the next four years from de la Torre as a member of the City Council.

For those who recruited him, those who supported his candidacy and those who voted for him for the City Council position -- they well may rue the day they did so.

Based on the objective reality if the past 20 some years, it’s going to be all about him and little about the best interests of Santa Monica. In other words, business as usual for de la Torre.

Kip Dellinger
Santa Monica

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