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LETTERS -- City's Crackdown on 'Super Spreader' Gatherings Turns Landlords Into Police

August 26, 2020

Dear Editor,

I find myself forced to respond to Santa Monica's crackdown on "super spreader gatherings" ("Santa Monica Cracks Down on 'Super Spreader' Gatherings," August 25, 2020).

As a housing provider, real estate Broker, former elected official and property manger in California we have tremendous responsibilities and are obligated by federal, state and local laws to be blind when it comes to providing, selling and leasing housing.

Now we are being forced with our hands tied and watched over by zealous, aggressive local City attorneys to police the actions of our tenants.

What mechanism does the Santa Monica government recommend that landlords, housing providers and managers use to control the behavior of tenants who lie and violate municipal law and engage in lease violations?

The housing providers, landlords and property managers have been stripped of ALL eviction rights to enforce the terms of a lease. Dare we turn off the power or water and we will be arrested and prosecuted by local and state law enforcement.

We have NO current procedures or techniques available to control a tenant's behavior, yet over the years we are charged with that responsibility.

Unchecked leftist governments are slowly but deliberately boxing in and frustrating property owners and residents by using a totalitarian system that appears to be socially liberal but resembles that of communist countries.

Voters in Santa Monica, California and across America need to decide if we are free people or slaves of the state.

Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Control Commissioner 2008-2012


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