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LETTERS -- Home Ownership is the Only True Solution

Dear Editor,

There is clear unrest, dissatisfaction, weakness and strength across our nation. I'm not going to speak about the impossible job of policing and the importance of the First Amendment rights.

I am on the other hand an expert on the effects of home ownership on the consciousness and the promotion of Self-Esteem of men and women across this great nation. I've studied homeowners since feudalism.

I've studied Jim Crow laws and deed restrictions in our nation.

And I have studied firsthand the ferocious rent control law that has crippled many from moving up to home ownership.

I uphold the wisdom of the 30-year amortized loan and the refinements since FDR. I have seen with my own eyes the effect of home ownership across people and protected classes.

Home ownership is the ONLY true solution. It is where happiness, pride and self-esteem live. And the proof is the clear and evident policies and laws that nervous governments and cowardly elected officials across the world enforce due to their hatred of home ownership in favor of people being slaves of the state.

There is no substitute for hard work; there is no substitute from merit-based performance. I urge readers to deeply embrace the concept that home ownership is the pathway to independence and self-esteem.

Let's keep building our confidence and grow our nation's love and strength. We will never achieve the pursuit of a more perfect Union until all-American government officials promote home ownership and less dependence on government.

Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Board Commissioner 2008-2012

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