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LETTERS -- Property Owners Are SMRR's Next Target As Funding Dries Up

May 19, 2020

Dear Editor,

The Santa Monicans for Renters' Rights (SMRR) City Council claims the highest priority for the city is affordable housing.

That is a lie and nonsense. The highest priority for SMRR and the City Council they control is to stay in power. This fact is clear and undebatable.

In order to achieve that goal, they have used millions of taxpayer dollars to fight with all their might district elections ("City Officials Won't Reveal Cost of Voting Rights Lawsuit Until Case is Closed," March 5, 2019).

The SMRR council has total control of our money and their self serving behavior has corrupted our City government.

They have used housing funds and redevelopment funds former Governor Jerry Brown wisely ended to build thousands of low income and affordable units for tenants who will vote to keep them in power.

Even during an unprecedented financial crisis, the SMRR Council refused to touch the more than $58 million available in the Housing Fund (" Housing Fund Mostly Off Limits to Budget Cuts, City Official Say," May 5, 2020).

Instead, SMRR is asking the Council to raise taxes on businesses. SMRR vs the Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce is a one-sided fight. ("SMRR Proposes Business Tax Hikes, Chamber Stunned," May 7, 2020).

What the coronavirus crisis had made clear is that the SMRR Council has a spending problem, not a income problem ("SPECIAL REPORT -- Coronavirus Shutdown Forced Inevitable Cuts, Fiscal Expert Says," May 13, 2020).

SMRR is very proud of the fact that Santa Monica has the largest per capita budget on Earth and, for years, liberal home owners were asleep and voting blindly to keep them in power.

Property owners need to wake up and realize that they are the next target. SMRR cannot stop spending money, and after they bleed the businesses and the apartment owners and hotel guests, the last group left are homeowners with money.

It is time for property owners to stand up and fight or SMRR will tax us into bankruptcy.

Time is running out for REAL.

Robert Kronovet
Santa Monica Rent Control Commissioner 2008-2012

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