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LETTERS -- Missing the Forest for the Trees

May 18, 2020

Dear Editor,

I sure hope that as our political leaders debate the best way to deal with the COVID-19, they do not miss the forest for the trees.

The quarantine is bringing sales tax and income tax to a grinding halt. Without income, future collection of property taxes, is in serious danger. Government is rapidly losing the ability to provide basic services. Its ability to provide safety net services is being quickly overwhelmed.

We are heading towards 40 to 50 percent unemployment. California unemployment insurance reserves were exhausted in April, and the state is currently relying on federal funds to make unemployment payments. What is going to happen when that money is exhausted?

What would happen, if a major percentage of Californians should find themselves without enough funds to provide for the basic necessities for their families? Every possibility that I can think of is horrific.

I sure hope that, as our political leaders determine the best way to limit death from the virus, they give serious consideration to how many people will be killed by the quarantine, if it goes on too long.

Jeff Segal
Santa Monica


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