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LETTERS -- Just Say No to Stealing From Our Schools

February 7, 2020

Dear Editor:

In the last few days Kevin Shenkman is telling everyone that it is easy to get reimbursed for your kid’s pencils, calculators and paper ("Deadline for School Reimbursement Claims Approaches," February 6, 2020).

He is even claiming that he will create a tax-deductible scholarship fund with “some” unspecified amount of our tax dollars. He, of course, will get the tax deduction.

What he doesn’t tell you is how much he is making. He is billing our kids, our schools and we taxpayers $815 an hour to write that email.

Google “Shenkman and Hughes” and you will see he made seven to nine million dollars in the last four years suing schools, cities, harbor and waste districts up and down the state.

You can see a picture of him holding a four and half million dollar check and Mr. Shenkman’s post where he said “picture me rolling [expletive]."

He’s quite a humanitarian. He also sent over one hundred and fifty four page demand letters threatening to sue school districts unless they paid him $30,000 per letter. Do the math.

That is at least another four and half million since every district caved to his demand. Read the letters, at $30,000 per letter, you would expect more creative writing.

As one of his victims, the Lucerne Valley School District superintendent put it, he was stealing money from their kids. Now he is stealing from our kids too.

We all work hard to make all of our kids’ experience as rich as we can, we work and donate to make our music, theater and extracurricular programs the best experience that we can.

Our dollars should go to those programs not to a greedy Malibu lawyer. Every dollar that goes to him or some parent seeking reimbursement is one less dollar to educate our kids.

Requesting reimbursement and donating it back to our kid’s school validates his lawsuit and helps him justify his $550,000 demand and all of that money will be paid out of our kid’s schools. But there is something you can do.

File a response by Monday and list every single adult and student in your household on the paperwork; decline any reimbursement and write that you object to his fee. It’s that easy.

If we do that maybe this judge will say what we all are thinking; Stop, thief!


Joel C. Koury,
Santa Monica

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