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LETTERS -- Right-Wing Propaganda Has No Place in Our Local Press

Dear Editor,

The Commission on the Status of Women (“COSW”) deserves recognition and praise as it stands with women all over the country who are courageously coming forward with stories of sexual assault and harassment.

The commissioners’ decision to recommend that the City Council take action and pass comprehensive legislation that will protect hotel housekeepers is monumental, and will send a message to workers and visitors alike that Santa Monica does not tolerate sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Your recent coverage of this historic moment is one-sided, and panders to skeptics like those who recently doubted Dr. Christine Blasey Ford as she bravely came forward with her allegations (“Union Backed Proposal Takes Unusual Route to Council Agenda,” October 19, 2018).

Perhaps more significant is your eagerness to promote the right-wing, anti-union ideology of the Center for Union Facts (“CUF”), which has openly waged campaigns against workers and whose head has attacked other organizations, such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving and PETA.

You quote Charlyce Bozzello of the CUF in your own article, and you publish an editorial written by her (“The Price of ‘Development Peace’ In Santa Monica,” October 10, 2018).

In the later, she refers to a recent COSW meeting at which hotel workers from the JW Marriott Le Merigot called on the Commission to take action, “Missing from the union’s presentation was any evidence on the extent of a potential problem in Santa Monica . . .”

Not only were workers present at the meeting to give live testimony, but Bozzello’s skepticism that an issue as pervasive as sexual assault in the workplace even exists in Santa Monica, is reason alone to be skeptical of her motives, not the workers’, and not the Union’s.

Santa Monica deserves journalistic integrity, and news coverage that accurately and fairly represents the issues we care about in our community.

As you continue to print the CUF’s editorials that contradict the values of our City, you should ask yourself why your skepticism of workers is not better suited for a lobbyist firm that is actively trying to funnel a right-wing agenda through your publication on the backs of our membership.

Do you stand with workers or do you stand with deep-pocketed DC lobbyists who do not have the best interest of Santa Monica in mind? I ask you to think about this next time you receive a press release from the CUF.


Danielle Wilson
Research Analyst

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