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Thanks for Balanced, Rational Viewpoint

July 15, 2013

Dear Lookout,

As co-chair of the 17th-19th Parking Coalition, I work with about 500 families in Wilmont who joined our informal group because they were frustrated about lack of neighborhood parking and uncontrolled development along Montana.

Many of these folks are also deeply concerned about the eroding character of our city. They believe views of ocean and sky belong to everyone. I am also an active member of the Wilmont Neighborhood Coalition; they represent my perspective about parking, height and density.

As a concerned resident who wants a vibrant, fiscally responsible, low rise city,  I very much appreciate your efforts to present a balanced, rational viewpoint on contentious City issues. My bias is toward slow, controlled growth that balances the reality of infrastructure (public transportation, water, traffic, parking) with our dreams for a sustainable cityscape. But with massive money, careers and ego at stake here,  your readers need clarity about BOTH sides of the height and density issue. We don't need "hotel war" finger pointing or inflammatory language.

Thanks for your efforts to be fair and clear.

Taffy Patton
Santa Monica

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