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Ocean Park Association Does Not Advocate for Closure of Santa Monica Airport

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to your 9-25-12 article called "Anti-Airport Group Has Little Confidence in Santa Monica Council Incumbents." In it you state the following:

"Though the core of CASMAT is made up of only about 25 people, the group has ties to Friends of Sunset Park and the Ocean Park Association, both of which are staunch advocates of closing the airport."

The Ocean Park Association is very careful to support only the voice of the community, and do not take positions independent of that. Individual views vary, but, as an organization we have never stated that OPA is an advocate of closing the airport. In fact, in order to find out what our membership and community wanted in regards to SMO we conducted a survey of Ocean Park residents regarding the airport between February and April of 2012. Our results were that 85% of verified respondents (all residents of Ocean Park) want the airport either closed or the negative impacts mitigated. Of that 85%, 45% stated they would like the airport closed. 40% would like to see the negative impacts mitigated.  

Here is a link to the survey, where you can see a summary of the results for yourself, including further data that we gathered: SURVEY RESULTS. These results were presented to the city.

Once the results of the survey came in, the Ocean Park Association board voted to support Airport Commission Recommendations 2012-2 & 2012-3. Also, a joint letter from OPA and Friends of Sunset Park was sent to the city to support these 2 sets of recommendations.  We have NOT voted on 2012-4.

Michele Perrone (on Behalf of Jan Ludwinski; President, Ocean Park Association)
Airport Committee Chair, Ocean Park Association

EDITOR'S NOTE: The story has been updated to reflect that Ocean Park Association had not advocated for closure of the airport.

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