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Community Leaders Decry Sham Mailer, Sleazy Tactics and Hit Piece

November 5, 2002

In the last days before the election, Democratic voters in Santa Monica received an outrageously deceptive mailer designed to defeat Measure JJ, the living wage ballot referendum. Titled "Democratic Voter Ballot Guide," the mailer includes endorsements for all the statewide Democratic candidates, as well as Congressman Henry Waxman and Assemblywoman Fran Pavley --and recommends a "no" vote on Measure JJ.

Here's the problem: the mailer is a sham. It has no relationship to the actual Democratic Party, which has endorsed Measure JJ, as have Congressman Waxman, Assemblywoman Pavley, and Lt. Gov. Bustamante, among numerous other

This unethical mail piece is one more example of how the corporations fighting Measure JJ will do anything to deny their workers a living wage.

Don't be fooled. Democrats support Measure JJ, as do our most respected educators, religious leaders, civil rights leaders, and women's leaders. Together we can guarantee that people who work hard earn a fair, decent wage.

Vivian Rothstein

November 5, 2002

Dear Editor,

The police union has outdone itself -- at least four pieces with outrageous lies about VERITAS (Measure HH) and, at the last minute, about Bob Holbrook. While I don't need to repeat the details of these scandalous tactics since they have been adequately covered in your articles and other letters ("Police Union Mailer Targets Holbrook" and LETTERS: "Slimed by Police," both November 5) , I would like to make two additional points:

First, I notice that none of the candidates the POA endorsed have uttered a peep about this conduct. Obviously, they are willing to remain quiet and get whatever benefit comes from sleazy campaign tactics.

Second, voters should not be allowed to forget what was done here. Many of us will make personal pledges to warn voters about the willingness of Shane Talbot, and perhaps a handful of others, to simply lie to the voters about whatever or whoever it is they are opposing or supporting. This is a campaign that needs to be carried on quickly and relentlessly so that in two years if the POA elects to conduct itself this way, it will have no credibility.

I suggest that the 99% + of our outstanding public safety officers may want to consider the harm being done by this small group of unscrupulous representatives.

Tom Larmore

November 5, 2002

Dear Editor,

Although I have not seen the piece, two sources have advised me that a "hit piece" against City Council candidate Abby Arnold is being distributed. It is purportedly based on a letter to which I was one of the signatories and which was distributed August 4 at the SMRR convention at which City Council candidates were endorsed.

During a campaign, we all have our favorites and we all have candidates we would rather not support or simply would not support. At various later stages we begin to, and must, work together. Because of my belief in how the process works -- and part of that belief is that we have disagreements, which is healthy -- I want to comment on SMRR and on Abby Arnold.

SMRR members often are in disagreement and a lot of us participate fully in that. SMRR is a progressive organization and has core values which we want to always have represented by our candidates.

Abby Arnold is, and has always been, a progressive. She has a commitment to the living wage, to affordable housing, and to democratic principles. So, besides the SMRR endorsement, which some of us argued against, she also was endorsed by the Committee to Protect the Living Wage and by the Santa Monica Democratic Club.

Because I feel that we all must seek common ground once the endorsements are made, I feel compelled to have this stated and to move forward to elect the most progressive people available to our City Council.

Julie Lopez Dad

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