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Mayor's Approach to Senior Housing "Pigheaded and Immature"

May 15, 2002

Dear Editor:

I am very upset to read in your articles (SPECIAL REPORT: "Against the Odds" and "Apply and Demand") on Senior Housing that our mayor, Mike Feinstein, has decided that he won't support any more senior housing unless he is assured that Santa Monica residents get priority to live in it. This is a very pigheaded and immature approach to an important problem.

I agree that the city should fight to give local seniors priority in new public housing. However, if the city can't get that priority for our seniors, we should still build the housing. It is needed!

Doesn't the mayor understand that there is a shortage of affordable housing for seniors? Especially in Santa Monica! So, even if it is not to be occupied only by local residents, some of the units will be occupied by them? The more low-cost housing we have, the more local residents will be served.

Maybe it's because of his youth, but the mayor doesn't seem to understand the problems of seniors. I hope he will reconsider his wrong-headed opinion. Someone should remind him that he will be a senior someday, too.

Denise Hollman

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