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Hotel Bashing and a Pico Home

May 3, 2002

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, April 23, I was stunned to see all these clergy members from all these different denominations of religions in our place, tolerating each other, even talking to each other after all these years and centuries of fighting each other. ("Delegates Lobby for Union at Hotel," April 24.)

I had a picture perfect of unity and solidarity, unfortunately it was for the wrong cause
for these clergy members and other bored activists to come and disrupt someone's business. They made a mess at my station with all their stickers and their instruction notes on how to organize their disruption.

I ask you: Is this their way of helping me? If it is, I do not need their help.

I am sick and tired of hearing about unions. If I would ever consider joining one before, I wouldn't now just because of their harassment and their low and dirty tactics.

In my opinion, the union and the clergy could have used the money that they spent disrupting our business for a much better cause. They could have used their energy, their time and their money for visiting sick people in hospitals, buying toys for abused kids, educating the clergy about molesting kids, buying food for the homeless (and GOD knows there are plenty here in this city) or they could be visiting shelters. That is what religion is about.

I have not read anything yet in the Bible that says join the union. I am also positive that the other Holy Books do not say that either.

I would like to say to these clergy: On Sundays preach about the Bible, the word of GOD and not about how badly the workers are treated and bashing this hotel out loud. The sermon should be GOD IS LOVE, and not HATE the Doubletree.

Stop the hypocrisy and put the money aside. You will all have to answer to one GOD. I wish to see the same unity of churches and their clergy under a holier situation.

Martha Reyes
Veteran DoubleTree Employee

May 3, 2002

Dear Editor,

(Re: "Leading Questions, Stealing Time and Home Shopping," Letters, May 2.)

The Pico Neighborhood is where the young people are most in need of the kind of example Supt. John Deasy's presence would set; too, he would become aware first hand of the educational and social needs of our most vulnerable populations.

I am deeply saddened that Supt. Deasy has not taken this opportunity to connect with our community in a deeper way, but ultimately it will prove a loss for him as well.

Yours truly,
Steven G. Keats

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