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Leading Questions, Stealing Time and Home Shopping

May 1, 2002

Dear Editor,

Let me tell you how much credibility is to be given to this poll ("Polls Abound in Campaign Pre-Season," May 1). I was called and when I asked, 'Who pays for this poll?" the young man said, "The City of Santa Monica."

He asked the questions, which are of interest only to "those" who are running in the Nov. elections, but when he read to me the "RACE" I belong to I said, "White," and he said, no, that I was Latina.

After all, my name is MARIA. Again I told him that I was white and again he said NO and I am sure he put me down as Latina. So much for the accuracy of this poll.

Maria Sirotti
Santa Monica

April 30, 2002

Dear Editor,

No one disputes the right of Elba Hernandes to pursue her beliefs in the organization of the Union ("Doubletree Reinstates Union Organizer," April 30). However she does not have the right to do it on company time, when her employer is paying her to work.

Doing her Union work on company time was unethical and shows a total lack of integrity, it also shows a complete disregard and lack of respect for her employer.

It is too bad that the Doubletree felt coerced, by not only the Union but Clergy members, to reinstate a person who holds the Hotel in such little regard, along with stealing time from her employer, in essence, to do her personal business!

Shari Wheat

April 30, 2002

Dear Editor,

I agree with the school board members that Mr. Deasy should live within the school district ("Board Okays Funding for Supt.'s Home," April 30). But I also feel he should live in a neighborhood that he can afford, like everyone else. I live in the Pico Neighborhood because I don't earn sufficient income to buy a million-dollar condo South of Montana.

There are numerous single-family dwellings in the Pico Neighborhood in the price range of $449,000.00 on 22nd St. (3 bedroom 1.5 baths) to $589,000.00 (4 bedroom 3 baths) on Urban Ave. The Urban Ave. house is a block away from Oscar De la Torre's home.

If he can march with Mr. De La Torre and the union members why does he refuse to live in their neighborhood?

When there are houses for sale in Santa Monica within his price range, I object to taxpayer money going to Mr. Deasy so he can avoid living in the Pico Neighborhood.

Mathew Millen
Santa Monica

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