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Walking, Chief's Accident & Living Wage

June 8, 2001

Dear Editor,

(Regarding Frank Gruber's column "The Black Hole of Planning," June 8, 2001)

The numbers make me dizzy, the "public process" always ends up making decisions I don't like, though they may be more rational than my own, so I've stopped attending meetings. I always vote though, as much good as that does a "greedy landlord" in our beloved Yuppie's Republic of Smmrovia. Something I have learned though is the value of walking.

Imagine.. combining exercise and transportation....what a concept! Sadly I've had to give up cycling... too many oblivious drivers leading to too many near altercations... and other near death experiences. When I see the gridlock downtown and cars lined up for many minutes waiting to park -- their engines idling(And the driver's minds?) and spewing -- I am grateful what an inexpensive and elegant solution my second-hand Nikes offer.

Now if Lucy Dyke would only get her ducks in a row and fix the traffic lights so that they stop discriminating against those who walk, this could become a pedestrian's paradise.


Steven Keats
Santa Monica

June 6, 2001

Dear Editor,

(Re: "Police Chief in Traffic Collision," June 6, 2001)

I knew this was going to happen, but I was wondering when and how serious it would be. When watching our chief race around this city without regards to traffic laws or paying attention to those around him, I'm just surprised more things haven't happened.

Last Wednesday (5/30/01), after a budget hearing at City Hall, James T. Butts, while exiting the parking lot just south of City Hall, making a left hand turn, pulled out into traffic, right in front of a red Nissan, and darn near got creamed.

There were a few witnesses to this, as we were sitting in the parking lot, just completely amazed on his driving habits as the chief of police. I wonder what the driver of the Nissan would have been thinking if he knew it was the chief. There's still tire tracks documenting his near fatal demise. Isn't it time to re-evaluate James T. Butts? I'm sure there will be a lawsuit on this one- it's a city owned car.

Is it not time for change?

Chuck Allord
Santa Monica

June 5, 2001

Dear Editor,

Bayside Board member, Patricia Hoffman, says about the living wage (Bayside Braces for the Living Wage, The Lookout, June 4, 2001), "Influencing what happens is better than saying the whole thing stinks and walking away."

Sorry, Patricia. You're wrong, again. The whole thing does stink and the City should walk away.

Oops sorry. I Forgot about those political payoffs and all that union help come election time. Never mind.

Bill Bauer
Santa Monica

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