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Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

A government who robs Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of

Congratulations are in order to SMRR and their City Councilmembers. SMRR activists came out in full force at Tuesday night's council meeting and managed to convey enough of a threat to goad their symbiotic council to wield yet another crippling blow to freedom and private housing providers. Because of TWO owners accused of violating existing building codes a few months ago, and a few conveniently outspoken tenants, the SMRR henchmen feel they are justified in yet another "emergency" ordinance to prevent the so-called harassment of tenants.

For those who care, the real purpose is to prevent private owners from renovating their apartments, thus decreasing the market value of their buildings so SMRR and it's vehicle of abuse, Community Corp., may swoop in and purchase the properties, increasing the number of "affordable" housing units and the resulting voter base. Then they went and voted themselves over $40 million dollars of EARTHQUAKE RECOVERY FUNDS (more will come) to pay for all the wonderful public housing projects to be liberally sprinkled throughout our neighborhoods. These parasites will stop at nothing to appear as if they are protecting the voter at the expense of completely devastating a very small part of the political community. Some might recognize the same sort of persecution spawned the civil rights movement.

You have to ask, what is the driving force behind these people? Are power and greed such addictive drugs? Why do they continue to vilify and harass a very small segment of the population whose crime is nothing more than attempting to provide an independent retirement and a needed service? Ninety percent of multi-family housing owners in the state of California have ten units or less, purchased in order to provide a steady dependable income in their retirement. They did not set out to harm the people that provide them with that very same income. They are people like you, your parents and grandparents.

When we first heard of the latest "emergency" ordinance posted on the council agenda Thursday evening for the following Tuesday meeting, and the 100,000 fine that can be assessed owners who attempt to renovate their 20-year deferred maintenance buildings, we were astounded, even though we thought it was no longer possible to be surprised at the actions of the anti-business, anti-freedom bottom feeders who rule our city. It became hysterically ridiculous when they raised the penalty to $1 million.

Well, good luck to you, comrades. You have managed to box enough people into a tight enough corner, that they have no alternative but to fight their way out. The whole nation is laughing at your pathetic attempts to wage battle with the national bank's ATM fees no matter how much you think you "have started a trend." Although the punishment, discrimination and abuse you wage upon owners of rental property will not receive comparable media attention, your fate will ultimately be the same. Your days are numbered, so fight while you can.

S. Forest King
Housing Provider

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