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City Council Candidate Questionnaire

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Mario Fonda-Bonardi

Mario Fonda-Bonardi was appointed to the Planning Commission by the City Council in July 2015 and reappointed in June 2019. He is endorsed by Santa Monicans for Changes and the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC). This questionnaire was sent to incumbents and challengers endorsed by at least one group that spends money to back Council candidates.

1. Should Santa Monica try to build the 8,874 new housing units by 2028 mandated by SCAG?

No. Sacramento’s greatest fraud perpetrated on all of California and particularly SM. Its an unfunded mandate un-needed, un-ecological, wearing a fig leaf of affordability to justify massive expropriation. Must be stooped by statewide resistance.

2. The Plaza project should be

a) approved
b) changed
c) rejected

Rejected. Likewise a fraudulent giveaway of public land to a private developer identical to fraud of the 8,874 units. Unneeded, unecological, disastrous failure to take advantage of a great open space opportunity.

3. The City needs more major developments to help balance the budget.

No. You can’t grow your way to affordability. These gigantic projects consume more resources, power, water, transit capacity, and distribute the costs to the residents but keep the profits for developers. The City acts as a dishonest broker between the two.

4. The Council should have delayed voting on the Miramar project until after the election.

True. 460 people wrote against the project, 70 for it. Guess which way the City council voted? The Council always votes against the desires of the residents on important matters.

5. When it comes to hotel developments, the City Council has consistently sided with Unite HERE Local 11.

True. The hotel union makes substantial contributions to incumbents' campaigns. The Council always has to vote the desires of its handlers.

6. Is Santa Monica's City government racist?

Yes. Fighting the councilmanic district proposal institutionalizes the racism built into our City’s DNA since 1946. Rumor has it it has cost us over $20M. Who knows the real cost? City won’t say.

7. Should the police budget be reduced?

No. Redistributed to differing deployment/staffing types. Defunded is the wrong verb.

8. If coronavirus cases spike, should the City order another economic shutdown?

Yes. We have no choice until a working vaccine: it's the only thing that works.

9. Santa Monica is one of the few Southern California cities to issue fines for not wearing a face mask. Do you support that policy?


10. The budget cutbacks forced by the coronavirus shutdown were the inevitable result of the City's decades' long spending spree.

True. We have lived way beyond our means. Our pension debt overhang (2018 no new numbers yet) is exactly where it was in 2013. No reduction in 7 years!!

11. City workers are paid too much.

True. We pay about 20% more than market rate particularly at the top, yet do not get 20% better performance.

12. Unions wield too much power over the City Council.

True. In this current election, as of 10/7/20, Unions provided 70% of the incumbents PAC money. Of course Council has to kowtow to the unions.

13. Do you feel safe in Santa Monica when it comes to crime?

No. Can you say May31? No one feels safe in this City if they have a minimal awareness of the real level of crime here. While the City keeps up the facade that crime is down by failure to report crime statistics, to attract tourists, tourists are not deceived and are fleeing in droves.

14. The City Council is doing enough to make public parks safer for families.

False. Reed Park and Tongva Park have been colonized by the homeless. They are scary places for adults much less children.

15. Santa Monica is doing a good job addressing homelessness.

False. The numbers have only gone up over the last ten years. The City’s homeless program failure is visible to all. Like the May 31 response, it is an on going disaster.

16. Who is responsible for the Police Department's response to the May 31 riots?
a) The Police Chief failure to prepare and execute
b) The City Manager failure to manage resources.
c) The City Council failure to prepare and budget
d) All of the above

All of the above. Complete command and control failure.

17. The police used excessive force against protesters.

True. They were more interested in controlling the demonstrators than the looters.

18. Should Santa Monica switch from an at-large election system to districts?

Yes. Council members in SM are unaccountable, because there is no way a common citizen, without union money, can win a citywide election. Switching to districts would allow more capable people to run affordably and break the vested interest’s strangle hold on our City.

19. Despite caps on individual contributions, money remains the biggest factor in winning an election.

True. Absolutely, vested interests are outspending independent candidates 8 to one as of 10/5 2020 and will get worse by Nov. 3.

20. Do you think Councilmembers are transparent when they disclose their personal and political finances?

No. It starts always with too much dark campaign money from outside and vested interests and extends to situations where for example Gleam Davis hid her husband's role with Dell/Miramar for 8 years.

21. Was the $77 million "uber-Green" City Hall annex a good investment?

Yes. Good concept but unfortunately overpriced and poorly executed.

22. The City spends too much money fighting climate change.

False. City does virtually nothing of significance on a sufficient scale to fight climate change. It could do so much more but is wedded to overdevelopment and old failed green washing mantras. Profit always precedes environmental needs in this City.

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