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LETTERS: Readers Weigh in on Santa Monica Airport

August 21, 2017

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of Santa Monica. I am also a recreational RC aircraft pilot with 35 years of experience. I can appreciate the need to restrict large, noisy, and /or dangerous model aircraft use.

I can not understand why the City of Santa Monica does not provide a single location for RC Model air craft.

Residents have dog parks, skate parks, gardens and sport fields. Is it a lack of organization by RC pilots? Lack of a lobby to demonstrate the economic benefit?

Events Hobby Shop has been serving RC enthusiasts for 50 years, and this law can not be good for their business. New jobs are often the product of disruptive technologies like battery powered planes, helicopters and drones.

I have been flying a couple of electric RC helicopters for a couple of years. I have been in compliance with FAA and American modeler safety requirement and regulations.

Yesterday I was informed for the first time about the ordinance banning all RC Aircraft!!!

Nat Wilson
Concerned about my loss

* * *

August 21, 2017

Dear Editor,

I agree with everything Alan Levenson mentioned regarding the health issues from the stinky Santa Monica Airport ("Anti-Airport Group Asks Residents to Get Genetically Tested for Jet Pollution Study," August 1, 2017).

The airport puts residents in harms way with the huge increase in jet traffic, the late night flights, adding uber jets, and the many loopholes the city allows.

The fines do nothing to stop abusers from flying late nights and early mornings.

Our plants are covered in jet soot, our children's health compromised, home business suffer from the loud screeching jet engines every 10 minutes, sleepless nights make people cranky.

There are too many negative impacts from this airport. It is time to close this stinky, noisy airport and build a great park that fits into the so called "Green" city of Santa Monica.

The airport has become unbearable to many living near it.

Ken Stevens

* * *

August 21, 2017

Dear Editor,

I understand wanting to reduce noise by eliminating jet traffic, but spending $3.5 million to tear up perfectly good runway that could be used for other purposes (like small aircraft tie downs, T-hangars, etc.) makes no sense ("Santa Monica City Council Approves Contract to Shorten Municipal Airport Runway," August 10, 2017).

Reducing the runway to 3,500 feet will virtually eliminate jet traffic since most small jets need close to that with no safety margin (the smaller Cessna Citations need approximately 3,000 ft. for takeoff which leaves no little safety margin for an aborted takeoff).

I understand jets are noisy, but save some money by blocking the runway with a concrete barricade and use the excess runway for some other "profitable" purpose.


Paul Frappollo
Berryville, Va.

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