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Friday, October 23, 2020

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Election Day is November 3
Police Chief Shares 'Preliminary Findings' on Response to Riots
October 23, 2020 -- As rioting erupted in Santa Monica on May 31, police were unprepared for "three, separate events that converged" simultaneously and "ultimately prioritized life and personal safety," outgoing Police Chief Cynthia Renaud said Wednesday.

Coronavirus Cases Spike After Clearing Backlog
October 23, 2020 -- Cornonavirus cases in Santa Monica have skyrocketed this week after County Health officials began clearing a large backlog of cases.

Santa Monica Forward Endorsements

Is Crime Really Down? Incumbents Weigh In Challengers Weigh in
October 21, 2020 -- Last year, Santa Monica experienced the steepest drop in serious crime in a decade, yet many residents don't feel safe. Council candidates explain why.

City Council Candidate Pop Quiz
For the 2020 City Council candidate questionnaire, The Lookout asked 22 "True or False," "Yes or No" and multiple choice questions. Here are the answers from the four incumbents and the challengers endorsed by at least one group that spends money to back Council candidates in the race for four full-term seats November 3.

40% of residents give City Council an F on Homelessness

Santa Monica Deploys 'Health Ambassadors'
October 22, 2020 -- The City of Santa Monica announced this week that it is deploying “Health Ambassadors” to ensure compliance with emergency orders issued during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dangers of Living on Mars at the SMC Planetarium
October 22, 2020 -- Santa Moica College's John Drescher Planetarium will explore the dangers of surviving on the red planet and offer tips for buying a telescope during its virtual shows in November.

City Employees' Council Endorsements

EXTRA -- Supreme Court Takes Up Voting Rights Lawsuit
October 21, 2020 -- The voting rights lawsuit against the City of Santa Monica is headed to the California Supreme Court after it granted the Latino plaintiffs' petition for review Wednesday.

Pier Secret Story Tour

Reports of Serious Crime Dropped Last Year
October 20, 2020 -- Reports of serious crime in Santa Monica dropped by about 16 percent last year, following a dramatic rise each year since 2014, according to Police Department data collected by the FBI.

D.C. Courts Dismiss Two Challenges to Decree Shuttering Santa Monica Airport
October 20, 2020 -- The City scored two recent legal victories in Washington, D.C. courts that pave the way to shutter Santa Monica Airport after the end of 2028.

EXTRA -- Santa Monica COVID Count Hits Record Low
October 19, 2020 -- There were five new cases of the coronavirus reported in Santa Monica last week, the fewest weekly cases since the pandemic first hit the beach city seven months ago, according to Los Angeles County Health data.

FPPC Rejects Claim Against Council Challengers' Slate
October 19, 2020 -- The State's political ethics watchdog on Friday rejected a complaint claiming that members of a slate of City Council candidates violated campaign law by receiving free advertising.

Santa Monica Residents Deserve Answers Now
October 16, 2020 -- Residents have a right to know for our safety why the City was not up to the task of policing on May 31st, and we have a right to know it before the election.

Outgoing Police Chief Gets Big Payout, Former Chief Returns
October 16, 2020 -- Retiring Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renaud will receive four months of base pay totaling approximately $90,000 after she is replaced by former Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks later this month.

EXTRA -- Santa Monica Police Chief to Retire
October 16, 2020 -- Police Chief Cynthia Renaud -- who came under fire for the rioting that swept through Santa Monica May 31 -- will retire this month to lead the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), City officials announced Friday.

City Council Amends New Rental Housing Law
October 15, 2020 -- The City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to revise Santa Monica's newest housing law to eliminate unforeseen scenarios.

OPINION -- City Council Turns a Blind Eye on Crime and Homelessness
October 15, 2020 -- We’re told crime is down, but the statistics don't reflect the everyday experience lived by Santa Monica residents.

LETTERS -- Citizens United Isn’t to Blame
October 15, 2020 -- If the City Council challengers are so virtuous and preferable to the voter base of Santa Monica, it would seem that some or many supporters would put their money where their mouth is.

Council Challenger Wins Coalition Endorsement After Denouncing Plaza Project
October 14, 2020 -- A leading Santa Monica slow-growth group on Wednesday endorsed Oscar de la Torre for City Council hours after he issued a blistering attack on the proposed Plaza project Downtown.

Woman Fatally Struck by Car at Major Pico Intersection
October 13, 2020 -- A woman was fatally struck by a car in a major intersection in the Pico Neighborhood early Tuesday morning, marking the third pedestrian killed in Santa Monica this year.

Santa Monica to Add Protected Bike Lanes
October 14, 2020 -- The City Council on Tuesday approved a plan to add 19 miles of protected bike lanes to the more than 100 miles that already reach across much of the city.

OPINION -- Will Special Interest PACs Get Council Incumbents Re-Elected?
October 14, 2020 -- In Santa Monica, PACs have spent between $160,000 and $458,000 to re-elect City Council incumbents in each of the past five elections. This year should be no different.

Coronavirus Cases Up in Santa Monica, Deaths Down
October 13, 2020 -- The number of weekly coronavirus cases in Santa Monica rose to their highest level in more than two months, while the number of deaths was adjusted down by one, according to Los Angeles Couty Health data.

City Order Bars Street Performers from Playing for an Audience
October 12, 2020 -- Street performers in Santa Monica must wear face coverings and cannot play for audiences under an emergency order issued by the City Monday.

City Hires Firm to Probe Police Response to Riots
October 9, 2020 -- The City announced Friday that it has hired a consulting firm specializing in law enforcement oversight to investigate the Police Department's response to the May 31 riots.

Santa Monica Review fall issue cover Santa Monica Review Travels Through Space and Time
October 9, 2020 -- From the imagined history of a 19th-century revolutionary cell to a look at LA's urban bicycle culture, the Santa Monica Review's latest issue offers a romp through different times and places.

LETTERS -- Where Is The Money to Tackle the Root Causes of Homelessness?
October 9, 2020 -- Housing 58 people for $34 million dollars is such a waste when that money could have helped hundreds to thousands of homeless people.
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