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Friday, January 19, 2018

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Santa Monica City Council Poised to Eliminate Library Fines for Youth
January 19, 2018 -- Santa Monica Public Library cardholders who are 18 and under would no longer have to pay fines when materials are overdue under a proposal the City Council will consider Tuesday.

Electric Flight Discussed at Santa Monica Airport Saturday
Bye Aerospcae Silent Guardian January 19,2018 -- The benefits of electric flight and the future of flight training will be discussed during a public event at the Santa Monica Airport's Museum of Flying this Saturday.

EXTRA District Probe of Santa Monica-Malibu School Board Member Shies Away from Judgment
January 19, 2018 -- Findings from a district probe of conflict-of-interest allegations released Thursday shied away from passing judgment on the school board member who was the original target, although two others appeared to be cleared of wrongdoing.

Outside Audit Finds Santa Monica Far Outspent Peer Cities for Services
January 18, 2018 -- From police protection to City libraries, planning, housing and buses, the City of Santa Monica generally far outspent comparable peers in Southern California on a per capita basis in the last fiscal year, an outside audit has found.

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Santa Monica Pier concert Santa Monica Pier Board Hires Executive Director to Help Usher in New Era
January 18, 2018 -- With the popular Twilight Concert Series undergoing major changes, the Santa Monica Pier board on Wednesday welcomed a new executive director to help usher in "an ambitious new era.”

Bossa Nova Takes Center Stage at Santa Monica Library
January 18, 2018 -- It's been 55 years since “The Girl From Ipanema” knocked the Beatles from the top spot on the Billboard charts and triggered a craze for the cool swing and gentle sway of Brazil's bossa nova sound.

Ridership Plunges on Santa Monica City Buses as Expo Popularity Soars
January 17, 2018 -- Dashing hopes Expo would lift it from decline, Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus system posted another double-digit drop in ridership last fiscal year, accentuated by a loss of almost a third of riders on routes parallel to light rail line, according to a year-end report.

City, Activists Wait to See if Shortened Santa Monica Airport Runway Reduces Jet Traffic
January 17, 2018 -- Since re-opening on December 23 with a drastically shortened runway, the Santa Monica Airport has experienced a noticeable drop in air traffic, particularly among chartered jets.

Miramar Hotel, OneWest Bank Offer Matching Grants for Santa Monica-Malibu Schools
January 17, 2018 -- The Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows/MSD Capital and CIT’s OneWest Bank have provided a combined $50,000 match challenge to the Santa Monica-Malibu Education Foundation, officials of the non-profit announced Wednesday.

City of Santa Monica's Unfunded Pension Costs Jump 20 Percent
January 16, 2018 – Unfunded pension liabilities for the City of Santa Monica jumped 20 percent in the last fiscal year, rising from $387 million to $461 million “primarily due to the actual returns on the investment portfolio being less than CalPERS’ projected returns,” according to Gigi Decavalles-Hughes, the City’s finance director.

Conflict of Interest Probe Findings Go to Santa Monica-Malibu School Board
January 16, 2018 -- The findings of an internal investigation into possible conflict-of-interest violations by three Santa Monica-Malibu School Board members will go to the board at its meeting on Thursday.

Bruce Trentham's painting Surf and Rocks Coastal Landscapes Featured at Santa Monica College Emeritus Gallery
January 16, 2018 -- A local artist whose water color landscapes celebrate the Southern California Coast will be on exhibit the Santa Monica College Emeritus Art Gallery starting this month.

Environmental Leader Blasts Santa Monica Council for Use of Water Funds
January 11, 2018 -- The head of Santa Monica's environmental task force on Tuesday strongly criticized the City Council for allowing $56.4 million to be drained from the City’s water fund to help finance mega-projects not related to water use.

Santa Monica Lawmaker's Rental Bill Fails to Pass Committee
January 12, 2018 -- In a major victory for landlords, a state bill introduced by Santa Monica lawmaker Richard Bloom that would allow California cities to expand rent control failed to pass out of committee Thursday.

Santa Monica Police Remind Riders of Motorized Scooters to Follow the Law
January 12, 2018 -- Santa Monica police are warning riders of the increasingly popular motorized scooters that they must abide by the law, which requires them to have a drivers license and wear a bicycle helmet.

New Frank Gehry design for Ocean Avenue New Frank Gehry Design for Santa Monica Makes Public Debut Tonight
January 11, 2018 -- With its 22 stories loped nearly in half, Frank Gehry’s newest version for a mixed-used tower on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica -- which gets an official unveiling today -- is no longer the 22-story, plume-like structure that triggered both high praise and dismay when first proposed five years ago

Santa Monica to Hold Housing Symposium Next Week
January 11, 2018 -- Retired U.S. Senator Fred Harris, the last living member of the Kerner Commission convened by President Johnson to investigate the causes of the 1967 race riots, will share his thoughts on Civil Rights in Housing during a symposium in Santa Monica next week.

Picture of homicide victim John Hautz Santa Monica Police Search for Suspect in Elderly Man's Murder
January 10, 2018 -- Police are looking for a suspect in the apparent homicide of John Hautz, an 88-year-old man whose body was found in his Santa Monica apartment on New Year's day.

Santa Monica City Council to Impose Emergency Ban on 'Monster' Mansions
January 10, 2018 -- Shuddering under a frenzy of “monster” mansions replacing the tiny homes of earlier eras, the Santa Monica City Council Tuesday ordered preparation of a temporary ban on such construction in single-family neighborhoods.

Pico Neighborhood Plan a Priority for Santa Monica Council
January 10, 2018 -- A bold proposal first floated almost two decades ago to link the city’s downtown and Civic Center with a park atop a massive deck over the I-10 Freeway is not an immediate priority, the City Council decided Tuesday.

Santa Monica Announce Settlement with eHarmony Website
January 10, 2018 -- (Updated) The dating website giant eHarmony has agreed to pay $1.2 million in penalties and up to $1 million in restitution in a settlement with Santa Monica City prosecutors and others over its automatic renewal practices, the City Attorney’s Office said Tuesday.

FPPC Finds 12 Probable Election-Related Violations by Santa Monica Council Member Pam O'Connor
January 9, 2018 -- An investigation by the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) has found a dozen probable election-related violations of state law by Santa Monica Council Member Pam O’Connor and her re-election committee.

Santa Monica Planning Commission to Review Four Mixed-Use Projects
January 9, 2018 -- A five-story mixed-use apartment building on Lincoln Boulevard is set for official approval on Wednesday by the Santa Monica Planning Commission, which then turns its perusal to three more similar projects not far away.

Firefighters Rescue Dogs from Santa Monica Apartment Blaze
January 9, 2018 -- Firefighters rescued two small dogs from a blaze that broke out in the kitchen of a two-story apartment building in Santa Monica early Monday morning.

Plan to Cap Santa Monica Freeway with a Park Moves to the Fore
January 8, 2018 -- A decade ago, City planners worried that former Mayor Michael Feinstein's proposal to cap the Santa Monica Freeway was a “crazy idea.” But the concept to link the city’s downtown and Civic Center with a park perched atop a massive deck is poised to move forward as officials prioritize their no-longer stalled development pipeline.

Santa Monica Prepares Five Percent Hike in Water Rate
January 8, 2018 -- The water rate for the City of Santa Monica is poised to rise by 5 percent this year, the same as in the previous two years, but short of the maximum nine percent hike authorized in 2015 as part of a five-year plan.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Santa Monica Celebrates the Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
January 8, 2018 -- Santa Monica will host two events to celebrate the life of Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. this month -- the screening of a documentary on Thursday and the 33rd annual celebration of his birth next Monday.

Residents Fight to Win Historic Status for Santa Monica Bungalow District
January 5, 2018 -- Once upon a time, Santa Monica was home to neighborhoods of modest but well-built, well-designed and well-loved bungalows built for people of middle-class means. “Friends of 11th Street” is offering its cluster of those homes as proof of that life and asking the City to grant their neighborhood historic status in a bid to preserve it.

Santa Monica Restaurant Week Covers the Map
Pomegranate January 5, 2018 -- Meatless burgers that bleed. Fried sweet potatoes that melt in your mouth. Kale salads, prawn pizza, and even masala ice cream. Santa Monica Restaurant Week, sponsored by Santa Monica Travel & Tourism (SMTT), offers an invitation to explore these dishes from January 8 to 14. This year’s theme is the pomegranate.

Santa Monica Mountain Pumas No Longer Receive Automatic Death Sentences
January 5, 2018 -- Cougars in the Santa Monica Mountains and elsewhere in Southern California’s wilderness no longer face automatic death sentences if they prey upon domestic animals, state officials announced Tuesday.


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