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Monday, October 24, 2016
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Deadlines Loom in Busy Santa Monica Election Campaign Week
October 24, 2016 -- If you are not registered to vote and want to participate in the November 8 Santa Monica election, time is ticking.

Santa Monica Council to Tackle Sports Fields, Tourism and Green Issues
October 24, 2016 -- After a nearly month-long break, the Santa Monica City Council will meet again on Tuesday with several important items on the agenda.

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Tom Hayden, Who Died Sunday, Reflected on His Past in a 1999 Lookout Article
Radical activist and former state lawmaker Tom Hayden died Sunday at the age of 76. He had deep ties to Santa Monica, where he lived with his former wife Jane Fonda. In 1999 The Lookout covered a speech that marked a major turning point in Hayden's life.

Jeff Klocke to Oversee Pacific Park on the Santa Monica Pier
October 24, 2016 -- Jeff Klocke, who has worked at Pacific Park since 1999, has been named vice president and general manager of the popular amusement destination on the Santa Monica Pier, park officials announced this month.

Write-In Candidacy Path Rarely Chosen in Santa Monica
October 21, 2016 -- If Phil Brock decides to run for Santa Monica City Council as a write-in candidate, he would become just the fourth person to take on the difficult challenge since 1984.

Santa Monica City Council Candidates Talk Airport Battles
October 21, 2016 -- Today's question: How would you characterize Santa Monica's legal battles with the FAA over Santa Monica Airport? What would you consider to be a successful conclusion, and will it happen?

Santa Monica Celebrates Dia de los Muertos
October 21, 2016 -- The ancient Aztecs celebrated what would become El Dia de los Muertos over several months, instead of a single day. Santa Monica will stay true to the tradition and mark the popular Mexican holiday with events over the course of two weeks.

Leading Opponent of Santa Monica’s Measure LV Floats Compromise
October 20, 2016 -- Just two weeks before Election Day, a leading opponent of Santa Monica’s slow-growth initiative is floating a future compromise that would seek public votes on new large developments, but not as many as are triggered by Measure LV.

Santa Monica City Council Candidates Talk Corruption
October 20, 2016 -- Today's question: Supporters of Measure SM say it will strengthen the city's anti-corruption law, commonly known as the Oaks Initiative. Do you support it? Does more need to be done about corruption in the City government beyond this measure?

Santa Monica Earns Poor Score in LGBTQ Equity Index
October 20, 2016 -- The City of Santa Monica earned mostly poor scores in an equity index released Monday by a national advocate group for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, falling below California’s average scores and dozens of other cities in the state.

Brock Launches Write-in Campaign for Santa Monica City Council
October 19, 2016 -- After initially deciding not to run for Santa Monica City Council, slow-growth activist Phil Brock has started a last-minute bid to collect signatures for a write-in campaign in the November 8 election, he said Tuesday.

Santa Monica City Council Candidates Talk Traffic
October 19, 2016 -- Today's question: What causes traffic in Santa Monica? How can it be reduced?

Santa Monicans Asked for Help in Locating Mission Woman
October 19, 2016 -- Missing since Saturday, a 55-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s disease who loves walks on the beach could be headed in the direction of Santa Monica, friends and family said Tuesday as they asked the public for help in finding her.

City Clerk Alleges Coordination of Campaigns for 'Yes on LV' and Santa Monica Council Candidate
October 18, 2016 -- In a letter sent late last week to the treasurer of the Yes on Measure LV committee, Santa Monica City Clerk Denise Anderson-Warren alleged that the campaign was "acting jointly" with slow-growth activist Armen Melkonians' council candidate campaign committee.

Slow-Growth Group Endorses Vazquez, Melkonians for Santa Monica City Council
October 18, 2016 -- Incumbent Tony Vazquez and challenger Armen Melkonians won the Santa Monica City Council endorsement from slow-growth activist group Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) on Monday.

City in Holding Pattern as Two Santa Monica Airport Tenants Defy Eviction
October 18, 2016 -- The refusal of two aviation-related tenants to exit the Santa Monica airport as ordered left the City in a holding pattern on Monday as officials, already being federally investigated over the evictions, decided what to do next.

Santa Monica Council Candidates Talk About Measure LV
October 17, 2016 -- Today’s question: Do you support Measure LV, which would require voter approval for most projects taller than 32 feet and changes to planning and land use policies? If you do not, is there a modified version of the initiative that you would support?

Big Money Not Flowing into Santa Monica City Council Campaign
October 17, 2016 -- Independent expenditures are playing a big money role in the ballot measures campaigns, especially for Measure LV, this election season. That is not the case so far for the City Council races.

Santa Monica College Receives Federal Education Grant
October 17, 2016 -- Santa Monica College (SMC) was the only California college to receive a U.S. Department of Education grant to expand its programs in foreign languages and cultures, SMC officials announced this week.

Santa Monica Council Candidates Talk Term Limits and Who They Support
October 14, 2016 -- Today’s questions: Who are you voting for in the City Council election? Do you support City Council term limits?

Aviation Group to FAA: Stop City's "Dismantling" of Santa Monica Airport
October 14, 2016 -- Mark Baker, president and CEO of the Maryland-based Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), sent a letter Thursday to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) urging the agency to stop what it called the City's "dismantling" of Santa Monica Airport.

New Santa Monica Tenants Should Receive Official Notice of Their Rights, Rent Commissioner Says
October 14, 2016 -- Santa Monica landlords could soon be forced at the time of lease signing to present tenants with a written notice produced by the Rent Control Board about their rights and responsibilities.
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